Maryland Balloon Rides Questions And Responses

What is the duration of the flight?

Journeying at the whim of the wind means that your trip may be anytime from 45 minutes to one hour. Add pre-launch preparations and touchdown and you can anticipate up to a 4 hour experience all together.

What altitude does the balloon fly at?

The wind will keep most trips in a range between 500-3,000 feet. If you're lucky, winds may allow the pilot to raise the balloon a little higher. Other times, you may find yourself just skirting the treetops, which provides a fabulous view of the surrounding landscape.

What radius does the balloon go during the trip?

That is tough to say because each flight is different; you may drift anywhere from 2 miles to 5 miles from our release location.

Maryland Balloon Rides Frequently Asked Questions

Where in Maryland can I book a hot air balloon flight through Maryland Balloon Rides?

Maryland Balloon Rides partners with pilots all over the state offering you more options for the area of your hot air balloon flight than any other Hot Air Balloon Provider in Maryland.

How many of my friends can come with me on my hot air balloon trip over Maryland?

How many people fit in the basket relies on the overall size of your balloon. The largest size holds 17 people including the pilot. Those are usually piloted during the weekend. For smaller groups we fly balloons that can hold 4, 8, 10, or 12 riders. The main thing is that everyone fits easily in the basket and the balloon can safely carry all guests.

What should we dress in?

Put on casual clothing and comfy shoes appropriate for an out of doors adventure. Dress for the season and layer your clothes so that you can adjust for the warming temperatures as the day proceeds. The coolest you will be is on the ground. Once in flight, the heaters have a tendency to keep the basket nice and cozy during the winter months. In the winter, suitable clothing includes hats, gloves, boots and sunglasses. Summertime attire includes long pants, sturdy footwear, sunblock and sunglasses. No shorts, open-toed shoes or sandals please.

Maryland Balloon Rides Faq

What can I carry with me on the balloon?

If you want to remember the trip bring a camera or smartphone to capture the experience. A quality camera is always a good idea. A bag of chips or a drink for the launch will keep your belly from rumbling during the experience.

How noisy is it in the balloon?

After the hot air balloon has completed rising and the heat units are off it is soundless. This quiet is one of the best motivators for taking balloon rides in Maryland.

How chilly is it during the trip?

Actually, at daybreak, it is not unusual for it to be slightly warmer airborne than on the ground due to a temperature inversion during that time of day. The chilliest time of the morning is when we meet. It gets more warm from that point on, and fairly cozy when flying in the balloon. We therefore, suggest that you put on clothing in layers so you can change for the rising temperatures as the day continues.

I suffer from airsickness; will I be able to enjoy Maryland Balloon Rides?

The balloon moves along with the breeze, so we don't experience any swaying motion.

How does a hot air balloon operate anyway?

Balloon rides in Maryland fly due to the pressure differences between the hot air that fills the balloon and the temp of the ground air.

Balloon Rides Faq Maryland

What is the process for blowing up the hot air balloon?

A fan is used to blast cold air right into the balloon. Later, the heat units are used to heat the air as the balloon rests on the ground. Slowly, the balloon will grow to an upright position.

Precisely how do you maneuver a balloon?

The hot air balloon moves according to how the wind acts at various altitudes. But at Maryland Balloon Rides our pilots are well-trained at using the natural patterns in the sky for navigation.

Could I bring my kids with me on my Balloon ride in Maryland?

Around the age of 6 years, children are tall enough to see over the edge of the basket and have the attention span to have fun with an hour or more flight in an uncovered basket. Sometimes young children are susceptible to the sound of the burners, but most easily come to be interested in how the balloon works. They take pleasure in searching for wildlife in the vineyards and generally get a kick out of the inflation and pack up virtually as much as the flight on its own. Very small kids and infants should wait until they are old enough to appreciate Maryland Hot Air Balloon Rides.

Balloon Ride Faq Maryland

Can I individualize balloon rides in Maryland?

Yes: Maryland Balloon Rides is determined to assist you with whatever specific request you might have for your hot air balloon flight. Enjoy a special celebration like a wedding or birthday or just ask for an accommodation and we'll do what we can. We also have gift certificates available.

Let balloon rides in Maryland encourage your friends and family to soar above their troubles! Get in touch with us 1-800-611-1298 right away!

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This conveys your wish to live. Maryland Balloon Rides is willing and equipped to satisfy specific demands to make your adventure the moment you dreamed it could be. This can be your chance to bring a smile to a face or ask a major question to someone special. Simply contact us and our agents are waiting to address any question you can come up with.

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